Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Many are not able to imagine if Honda C70 customized chopper choppy cub style . Need a high aesthetic and not the wrong direction. Is yes, if any-one can force the outcome design.

Toz with Riza Permana, Barudak Demon Streed, Bandung. Motor birth in 1977 was transformed into slang Abiz capable and very eye cathing if asked to ride at the corner of the city of Bandung.

Foreword design, he needs to overhaul the sector back a bit shorter and slimmer. Duct Design C70 original tail will not want to be lost for the sake of this design. 'From there begin to sort out the components of homemade and donated another motorcycle brand, "jelasnya.4865c --- 70 --- isfan-2.jpg

He continued: "Affairs influenced design trends in Japan, especially small community of custom-style street. This motor nyeleneh average-looking, simple is not on display and most important motor, low budget! "Story.

Jump debris items. Arm swing, she chose her own comfy Honda GL100 combined front fork Astre Star. To be eccentric typical choppy, Riza, put the baby ape hanger with Sissy Bar jadul typical bicycle. "In front fog lights used car variations plus the tail lamp and Sein variation," ulasnya.

Problem detail, fit diapreasiasi. He combines smart chromated parts and black colors as accents. Not only that, the seat design was also impressed seemprit classic and neat in a matter of workmanship.

Performance and safety matters may be pitted. Disposable cylinder heads and blocks from the Honda Legend. Quite fueled engine capacity. This mode is also mostly done in Japan sono.

Gass manngggg!


Tires: IRC 2.50 to 17
Master and calipers: Shogun SP
Disc: Yamaha Vega

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