Gambar Modif Yamaha Scorpion Model Spyderman

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gambar Modif Yamaha Scorpion Model Spyderman

CONCEPT street fighter who carried on the Yamaha 250 cc's Bro Ferdie deserves thumbs up. In addition to a bold concept, he combined well with the concept that diusungnya spyderman model or a human spider.

Spyderman model in this motorcycle owned by Bro Ferdie does look cool and handsome. Wrap color combinations of blue and red blis color switch on the motor mounts of the man born in Kendari, February 1, 1982 and then this.
He also grew exist after joining the Celebes Scorpion Club (CSC), Makassar. Even since joining CSC iron tunggaan his view any more changes.
Spyder Tunggangn his experience some additional modifications and accessories to provide a strong character on the mount. One of them is to use the cover body belongs to Yamaha Jupiter Z
In addition to the cover body belongs to Jupiter, handsomeness Spyderman Bro Ferdie's increasingly evident with a bandage front of a kind custom shell that forms two-digit V with a lightbulb on the left and right.
According to Bro Ferdie, process modifications made to the iron tunggan his own, not requiring a long process, and the modification does not change the essence or the early model of his motor.
This can be seen from the concept bike built from simple but has a strong characteristic of the motor likes. The addition of some accessories attached to the bike just as a combination course.
In addition to the combination of the above accessories, Bro Ferdie also use ear Vixion to be paired on segment of the left and right side of his motorcycle. "Installation of ear aims to give the impression brave," said Bro Ferdie.
Moreover, this Vixion ear attached to the tank which has been modified custom, resembling a spider's web, so it looks more manly.
To be comfortable when riding a steed, Ninja shokbraiker an option on the front of the bike combined with the type shokbraiker of a kind custom on the back of his motorcycle.
Appearance blue spider red-hers was more stable after shokbraiker gets a slick blend of arm swing of a kind custom.
Felek of this type of Power which was wrapped Batlax type size 100/80 tires in front and size 160/60 at the rear with the same circle (17) to produce their own convenience when crossing the road. (Cr8)

125 Supra Lights in Section Home

Ferdi Bro's ride not only experience a change in the hood body and legs of his motorcycle. But also experienced in almost all "pieces" bike. For example just stir the use of Ninja R.
What is interesting from the motor's Bro Ferdie who also works as a member of the National Police are on the front of the bike lights using light belongs to Honda Supra.
While the disc behind the choice fell on Jupiter MX, which has been modified. (Cr8)

Data owner
* Name: A Ferdi
* Speed: Bro Ferdie
* Born: Kendari 1, February 1982
* Address: 17 B Ox-number
* Hobbies: Automotive
* Occupation: Member of the Police
* Concept: Street Fighter
* Club: Celebes Scorpion Club (CSC)
Data Modification
* Motor: 250 cc Yamaha Scorpion
* Modifications: Saddle dipapas, and networking tank modified to resemble a spider.
* Cost: USD 10 million of
- Felek Power
- Tires front: Bridgestone (Batlax) 100/80 (17)
- Tires rear: Bridgestone (Batlax) 160/60 (17)
- Deck machinery: custom
- Swing-arm (swing arm): custom
- Tank custom
- Discs rear: Jupiter MX
- Foot step back: Variations
- Foot next step: Variations
- Spartbor front: Custom
- Spartbor back: Ninja 250 cc
- Spartbor column: Custom
- Cover Body: Jupiter Z
- Custom Saddle
- Stir: Ninja R
- Mirror: Variations
- Weser: Variations
- Shockbraiker front: Ninja
- Shockbraiker back: Custom
- Shell: Custom
- 125 Supra Headlights

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