Honda CB100 1974 (Jakarta) Modification Japanese style

Friday, August 27, 2010

Honda CB100 1974 (Jakarta) Modification Japanese style

Farid VZ creativity process genre besutan with Jap's Style can not hardly containable. After a surprise success over the Honda CB Bobber with gambot tire, at the beginning of 2010 was a surprise doi vol 2 with the launch of the Honda CB-style modification socal Jap's Style.

This time believing his friend Donny doi Honda CB ngebangun create his own. "The concept for ubahannya be submitted directly to me. Why choose the style that I liked best," said Farid, who lived at number Rempoa, Tangerang, Banten.
Honda CB100 1974 (Jakarta) Modification Japanese style

This time, have in mind Farid, most MODIF Jap's Style in the country is still dominated flow or street tracker tracker. "I chose the flow socal let more colorful," jelasnya.5117gl-Adib-2.jpg

Remarkably, Farid, who was not a modifier of the motor is able to build Jap's Style. In fact, practically equivalent results garapannya builder who wrestle daily with the modification.

"The key change in socal there at the center of the area. The motorcycle must be made of solid baseball alias many cracks. So still pretty sight," said the man had a target this year of college.

In the matter of workmanship, Farid also requested the help of some workshops to realize this. Like the tank, exhaust and handlebars order to the workshop Glanets Radical Garage Custom commanded directly by Purnama that from Bandung.

Honda CB100 1974 (Jakarta)

For the execution order, garages Protehnics Rempoa scene numbers, Tangerang also invited to get involved. Surely, Farid well aware with the concept of change in socal, baseball needs to rake enough to rely selonjor congenital motor steering angle.

5118gl-Adib-3.jpg "Chassis rake the front and pristine CB. Only the sub frame is aja which changed so much shorter because the concept was a single sitter," said Farid.

In the sector of new legs, front sokbreker Honda Revo sakses and wheel rims mated with 21-inch ring. This confirmed the replacement of the front wheels feature a true change in socal.

Move to the back first, yuk! Arm swing select copotan Suzuki Thunder 125. Selected because it has a wider dimension. "I wear size 130 tires, so I'll need a wide swing arm stuck baseball."

Sort of radical change in the machine, try to notice the exhaust. Two exhaust that comes out it comes from the twin ports of the cylinder block model. This reinforces the impression created a classic.

"I can rummage twin block ports used parts mona (motor China). Pas crankcase attached to the CB, did not fit him. Also, do not require much change," Farid delight.

Certainly one cylinder fixed. To serve the power of the engine has been changed, go to adjust the fuel supply. Selected PWL 28 mm Keihin carburetors. "Pretty good, so energy dihasilka really feels," said the man who is also a hobby riding bicycle down this hill.

Go to the painting process is also a mainstay of motor changes Jap's Style is style. "Detail of painting so seasoning peyedap be aware of. For if one select color or design, so the motor aura of baseball left."

Painting workshop entrusted to Henry from WW berjulu spesilis 2nd Floor paint is also domicile in Rempoa, Tangerang. H-D ordinary paint. Quality baseball doubt.

Screen area of the body and a touch tank hit a maroon base color. Only then coated with varnish glitter again. "Indonesia was presented through a graphical features patterned sarong. It was there at the top of the tank and rear sepatbor," Farid proudly.

Emang make proud!


Front tire: Dunlop Ring 21
Rear tire: 130/90-16 Dunlop
Exhaust: CustomFilter carburetor: VW
Farid VZ: (021) 93931313

Author / Photo: Belo / Adib


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