Honda Legenda with AC Compressors Suzuki Carry

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Honda Legenda with AC Compressors Suzuki Carry

Israwan Yanuar handed back his work with the motorcycle with air suspension. Previously, Warior Modification workshop owner in East Java has been doing the same thing. Only, this time he practiced at the Honda Legend 2003 production.

In the City of Heroes, the motor with air suspension or suspension of water (water case) is rare. Because already have experience, Cak War-greeting-friend Yanuar not hard on them. Few problems emerged in the procurement of materials.

Shock absorber (shock) hydraulic, for example, found in flea markets, and the hunt for a bargain at the flea market to be patient. “Shock is a former power plant,” said Cak War. In addition to shock, other materials to assemble the water case, the compressor which serves to create the air pressure on the schokbreker .

Compressor is needed is not too large. The reason is, that part will be placed in front of the saddle (centerbone). Cak War finally chose Suzuki Carry air conditioning compressor. After all materials complete, then the installation done.

Here, the compressor is changed as a function of wind-driven compressor with a belt that is connected to the magnet machines. So, when the engine of life, come to work compressor to fill air tube placed under the seat. Low high shock absorbers arranged through the switch.

Views motor also changed. When viewed head-on from the front, it resembles the Honda Beat, while the body side and rear of the Honda Revo. Only, as the road, the riders a little trouble when using fabric pants. Then, the foot must also continue because there is open the compressor.

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