Inbike Suzuki Skywave 125 2010 Modif

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Foto Suzuki Skywave 125 Modifikasi

For those absorbed on the Skywave 125 CDI instead, may try to ambush Aldhie offered. He put it into a block box beneath the seat. "The acumen it is still the accepted position masangnya complicated, because accepting to accessible abounding of the awning body," the adventure of this white man. For that she alone did it cull the cable and is now so accessible to action his backup CDI. (Nurfil)


Front tire: 80/80-14 FDR (rim Spin)
Rear tire: 80/90-16 Battlax
Kem: NMF, 330 degrees
Carburetor: NSR SP 28 PE
Exhaust: Yoshimura carbon
CDI: LE 4 Andrion XP Power
Per CVT: Kitaco

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