Friday, August 27, 2010

Suzuki Spin 125 if the modification was made fun as well. Spin 2009s owned by Agus Mardiyanto Cipinang, East Jakarta such as this, so disulap low rider. Even though it looks not too extreme, memodifikasinya very difficult to remember the construction of engine mounting and swing arm (swing arm) rather skubek with Yamaha or Honda Vario Mio.

modifications suzuki spin this is the year 2009 with the concept modif x-treme where modifications in the contest, suzuki spin must in the form of modifications have a very good and the jury could draw attention to the modifications in the contest. suzuki spin on the modifications in the form of a very different from the others because matic motor suzuki spin have the form of a unique and different and it is a difficulty in making the modifikator draft modifications suzuki spin them.

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