New Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC CW

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This motor has a Blazon 4 Step Machines, SOHC, with 4 Valves (liquid cooling). Currently this bike awash in Indonesia with IDR 14,857,000 amount range. MX Jupiter’s bore measures 54 x 58.7 mm x. Jupiter MX is a motor that uses the clamp system. Accessory change arrangement uses Rotary accessory blazon chiral 4 acceleration with chiral clutch. Other blueprint accessible on this bike is a acclimated carburetor is a Mikuni Carburetor VM 22 x 1, Setting Pilot Screw 1-5/8 turns out. Array arrangement application the array blazon GM5Z – 3B / YB 5L-B 12 Volt 5.0 Ah. Volume of a butt of Jupiter MX bike is 135 cc. Comparison of compression on the agent butt is 10.9: 1.

For amateur arrangement there are two types of amateur motors and amateur steps. In the lubrication arrangement uses a wet lubrication system. For the acclimated adipose accommodation is 800cc alternate replacement, backup Total 1000cc. Meanwhile, the ammunition acclimated to use the exceptional type. This motor has a ambit of the abandoned weight of 104kg. At the advanced auto and rear auto application a antagonism wheel. Full ammunition accommodation belief 4 liters. Axle ambit of 1245 mm. The best torque generated 11.65 N.m (1.165 kgf.m) at 5500 rpm

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