First Ride Kawasaki D-Tracker 150, Easy To Ride

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

um ... first impression on seeing the shape Otobursa Tumplek Blek some time ago, the Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 looks nothing like a serious motor. Although his body design sangar, but many who consider the election an odd wheel diameter.

In accordance pakemnya SuperMoto, D-Tracker 150 using developmental types of asphalt tires, front and back the same diameter. Both use 14-inch diameter. Angular size 100/80-14 front rim 2.15 x 14, while rear 120/80-14, wrapped rim 2.50 x 14 inches.

But the election of 14-inch size makes it look smaller overall dimensions. Not a few who said that even resemble a toy motorcycle. Try to wear size 16 inches, must be more proportionate, yes or not?

"Do not rush off comment, but try to feel it first. 14-inch diameter wheels have been deliberately chosen to make it more easy ride on the asphalt, "said Basuki Freddyanto, Marketing Manager of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI).

Okay sir! Jump in trying nih. Kawasaki D-Tracker capital about 150 loans from PT KMI, the streets began. The first impression when sitting in the sitting position joknya not far different from the KLX-150 is indeed exactly the same. But the position of the feet can be really perfect stride for the asphalt, and even more relaxed because the foot can be slightly bent.

Position is equally wide handlebar with a KLX-150 which makes the control is always in a state of alert. Wait baseball turned its engine. Play contacts and push button electric starter! Greeeng ... engines roar like a KLX-150 fine. Runaway gas, clutch is very soft. Tooth displacement process is easy, it never stuck or hard.

In specification machines were entirely different from the KLX-150. The most significant differences distinguish the characters KLX-150 and D-Tracker is gearnya final selection. D-Tracker is KLX 150 41/14 wear a 44/14. What were the results? Upper and middle rounds very quickly! Breath machines are also relatively long.

Now it's time to prove the words Freddy, we feel handlingnya. Supported sokbreker type upside down, apparently has changed sasisnya KMI. Komstir position made little straighter, certainly make it more agile.

Used cornering flat and meandering in the street was lively, according to the motor body aja invited collapsed and the rear tires grabbed the pavement remains perfect despite sitting position there is really ahead. Any potholes on the road upside down his suspension working perfectly. Beat hole hardly felt!

Author / Photo: Popo

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