Modified Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006: Inspiration From Kenny Robert

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who does not know Yahama Jupiter MX, mighty duck this one without disenggolpun already cool. With its futuristic and sporty supported also with a capacity of 135 cc engine is powerful, making this duck had become almost a byword in all the bikers.

En bro sis then identify whether the figure of the motor on this one? Yes. None other than the Yamaha Jupiter MX. Its form is changed to look unusual, making this mighty ducks appear to be more stern and macho.

"Jupiter MX Motorcycle lansiran year 2006 belonged to people of Bandung, and I do not want him disappointed after coming away here, so we make more special," explained Topo Goedel Atmodjo Tauco Custom builder headquartered in Jl. Kebagusan South Jakarta.

Modified Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006

In developing this Yamaha duck, Topo claimed to feel disadvantaged by the position of the engine stand so that he can play his imagination to make motor sport that does not eliminate its original uara the motorcycle. Because according to him, with a motorcycle engine would be more difficult to sleep position.

Sector in view, the position of the gas tank was moved forward for easy refueling which certainly affect the display of a more macho. Especially with added iron stirrup pinned on the side of this motorcycle motor sport like europe.

"This is our original idea that refuses to make a change in the way that-that's all. All we created to provide maximum results and paste takhanya modification of products or features, "explained the man who was busy helping to develop environmentally friendly motor for the final assignment of students.

"I want to make this bike look more macho, sporty and fierce but did not want to eliminate the original spirit of this motor. Duck duck well anyway but it was not unusual but ducks mighty ducks, "added this bald-headed man.

To give the impression of strong sporting ducks, made a separate seat design with a tank and aft made motorcycles like a real sport. Water application scope and engine cover to make this bike look like motor sport with the half fairing.

"I do not want to make this bike with full fairing provides as practiced by others. If you like it, the aura and spirit of the duck will be lost, so we butakan scope of water and let engine cover such as motor sports or half fairing, "he explained.

"The whole sector is a new change in our results and do not constitute a work that comes out of the bok variations. Therefore we konsepkan this motor as a motor Out of the Box, "added the 35-year-old man was.

Talk the problem of color selection, Topo claimed the freedom of the owner of this bike Eko Putra Widhi from Bandung. This combination of four colors recognized Topo as tone color of his Yamaha energy.

"If we get a selection of paint colors from the master's creative freedom. Then we combine the color yellow, black, white and silver Yamaha Jupiter MX in this body that adjusts the color tone of Yamaha's energy, "said the man who also manages the Custom Tauco facebook.

"Another reason is that color is the color used on the motor racing Kenny Robert," concluded Topo.


Tires Front: Deli Tire 110-70/17
Rear tires: Tire Deli 140-70/17
Velg: Power
Head Lamp: Suzuki Arashi
Stop Lamp: Custom
Stang: Kawasaki Ninja
Future Shock: Cagiva Mito
Disk Rear: Satria F 150
Body Kit Set: 0.8 mm Custom Plate Galvanic
Exhaust: AHRS

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