Modifikasi Yamaha Byson - Simple Make Byson More 'Macho'

Friday, January 7, 2011

Although the standard view Yamaha Byson already sport really, Ardiansyah want 150 cc bike is more macho anymore. To fulfill his wish, he then asked Jaedun Mukhtar from JJ Airbrush to modify, but simple aja.

Therefore, the workmanship is only focused on the body and the installation of condom arm that looks a little bigger. While the rim, said Jeje (Jaedun familiar greeting), allowed to use the default.

The first body that is touched is the stern. Shape leads to the Ducati Monster, "Because the concept leads to a streetfighter Byson, we select the model," said pemodifikator this.

The shape is still sporty even if not tapered. To the rear lights, used variations of the Ninja 250R, was sein lights mounted on the bottom or undertail. And tail like this look right larena contoured front tank. "So, as if disconnected outs between the front and back," said Jeje.

Deemed vacant under the engine so that coupled with the engine cover. The effect, makes the display Byson become more manly. It may be imitated, as well. (Nurfil) Editor: Bastian Source: MotorPlus

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