Gambar Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash 2011 - Extreme Balap

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Smash 2011

memodifikasi Suzuki Smash menjadi motor grass track.
6:26 AM

2011 Vespa LX50 4V

2011 Vespa LX50 4V Photo Gallery
The LX 50 features an automatic twist-and-go transmission, steel body, and electric starter. A low center of gravity and larger front wheel provides control and agility, and an ergonomicallydesigned seat allows for a comfortable ride. Brake with con.dence, with the LX’s advanced mixed-type braking system. The 4 valve engine has more power and improved fuel efficiency, so you will satisfied riding this motor, not only nice in reading and style but also it offer in Canada $3,995 CDN and
USA $3,299 USD

If you confuse to choose classic motor that has high quality, you don’t worry,. we recommended at you to choose 2011 Vespa LX50 4V, why? because the Vespa LX50 is more than 60 years in the making. Witness the evolution of style, comfort, and performance with the core values of Vespa that never go away, vespa always keep the original style to defend their extistance in world otomotive.
6:23 AM

2011 Vespa LX150 ie

2011 Vespa LX150 ie Photo Gallery
The I.E. engine is more fuel efficient, dependable and requires less maintenance than carbureted scooters. after you know kinds of the feature you can imagine that on the engine is has good inovation too. LX150 ie The powerful 150cc engine allows you to take life at the speed you want. The 2011 Vespa LX150 lets you do an impressive 59 mph. just pay $4,599 USD you can having this motor and you can seem in grate mode.

2011 Vespa LX150 ie buld in new innovation and new style, it can be seen on the out of body, all feature construct in new design too, we can see as The LX 150 features an automatic twist-and-go transmission, steel body, and electric starter. A low center of gravity and larger front wheel provides control and agility, and an ergonomically designed seat allows for a comfortable ride. Brake with con.dence, with the LX’s advanced mixed-type braking system.
6:20 AM

2011 Vespa S50 4V

2011 Vespa S50 4V Photo Gallery
Run on the road with a new style of 2011 S50 4V powred Vespa, was in good body design, the styling Vespa S traces its origins back to legendary models like the 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera. With clean, essential lines, the Vespa S is a minimalist version of the legendary seventies models. on head lights and back square body, so it looks fantastic. The all-new Vespa S features a retro style with a new four-stroke engines are engineered, four-valve SOHC - the most powerful four-stroke Vespa 50cc is available in the market, so you can try it now.
6:17 AM

Gambar Modifikasi Motor : 1991 Honda GL-Pro (Bang Agus Imam)

Monday, July 25, 2011

1991 Honda GL-Pro Photo Gallery
Gambar Modifikasi Motor : 1991 Honda GL-Pro (Bang Agus Imam)
Nama : Agus Imam
Alamat : Garut
Merk Motor :Honda Gl-Pro 1991 Standar
Specs Modifikasi : Pelk depan/ Blakang: Yoshimura 17
Ban Depan/ Belakang: FDR 2,25/2,50
Arem : Super track
Lampu depan: KZR
Stang Ninja
Kalau mesin walaupun standar, tapi berani lawan vixion,
biar jadul n' ngebul yang penting gaul......:)

Maaf Bang Baru bisa posting hasil modifikasi motornya,
Coz belakangan agak sibuk :)

10:45 AM

Gambar Modifikasi : 1980 Honda CB 100 - Original Style (By: Bang Jarot tri utomo Ambon)

1980 Honda CB 100 Photo Gallery

Gambar Modifikasi : 1980 Honda CB 100 - Original Style (By: Bang Jarot tri utomo Ambon)
Merk Motor: Honda CB-100 Tahun 1980
Alamat: Jember
Specs modif: masih orsi semua ada sedikit oprekan di dapur pacu.

10:37 AM

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun - Extreme Drag 2011 (By Bang Iyas)

Gambar Modifikasi Shogun Extreme Drag
Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun - Extreme Drag 2011 (By Bang Iyas)

Specifications :

pelek tdr 120/140
ban duro 200
kaki2 crome
piringan dpn TZX blkng orzi
Klalpot SND
CDI BRT Dual Band
Koil Blue thunder
gas spontan Domino
Shock depan Hadmade
Kaliper Depan Kitaco 2piston belakang Nissin
Step underbound AHRS
Stang Dbs
10:22 AM

Yamaha mio 2008 (modif retro) murah seantero!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

jual murah dan bersahabat!
Motor YAMAHA MIO (2008) modifikasi RETRO


-black color
-tahun 2008
-tangan pertama boss :d
-klakson modif

pokoknya modif and sporty dah gan. Cocok buat yang pecinta motor atau yang lagi mw cari" motor cool tapi murah.

- pake pertamax
-rutin service yamaha
-oli yamaha evalube
-mau muka apa aja pake nih motor tetep masuk, yang ganteng tambah ganteng, yang ga "PD" jadi "PD"
-KONDISI 98% MULUS ABIS, cewe aja kalah gan

-yah mana ada gan, udah murah, keren, sporty, pokoknya TOP GAN
CP:esia--> 021-91566704(fast respon,or mw tanya")
PRICE: 13 JUTA NEGO[namanya juga kaskus gan, pasti dikasih nego dong, tapi jangan afgan ato rosa, lagi ga manggung]
11:12 PM


Modifikasi rapih.

Keadaan mesin baik, tidak untuk pakai harian,
Surat lengkap. (bisa di cek fisik)
Warna: Biru Metalik.
upside down depan full set: GSX 600
Swing Arm belakang + mono shock asli: GSX 600
Velg Depan & Belakang asli honda CBR 600
rem depan single disc break.
rem belakang disc break. Master rem belakang baru ganti.
ban depan: Swalow SEAHAWK (new) 110/70-17
Ban Belakang: MICHELINE radial, 160/60 ZR 17 (kembang masih sangat bagus)
Gear CBR.
Body belakang: body works model tipe GP (custom)
Side air wings : body works (custom).
Head light: kawasaki ninja + lampu sen depan
tail light: body work (custom)
Knalpot: Yoshimura (bukan original).
Jok Depan & Belakang: Body work (custom)

BUKA HARGA : Rp.23.000.000,- (Silahkan NEGO)
Hub: jali: 0856 9275 6078 (sorry gw jarang OL kl minat sms/telp lgsg)
11:01 PM

Gambar Modifikasi yamaha Byson 2011 - Extreme Sport

2011 Yamaha Byson 2011 Extreme Sport

Bro Sekalian, Yamaha Byson dirilis Oleh Yamaha dengan banyak fitur dan part yang bener-bener baru, segalanya bertema serba gede. Sok depan diklaim Yamaha paling gede seindonesia, Tangki BBM terlihat gede karena dilapisi semacam ‘kondom tangki’ seperti yang diaplikasikan di moge-moge seperti CBR Fire Blade, Yamaha FZ1, dan R1, Ban Gede, Velg Gede (lebar).berikut modifikasi digital yamaha byson oleh bro tekekmeong.
10:54 PM

Power Honda CBR150R fierce Above 7000 RPM

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Honda CBR150R
JAKARTA, - Honda CBR 150R is marketed by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), the sole agent (ATPM) Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. But, for those who can get it attracted in the general importer (IU) as Pro Bike. Well, Motor Plus has tried it and this is the result.

Display New CBR1000RR CBR 150R is a combination that stands out on the fairing with VFR1200F appears on the front cover. In fact overall, the shape is very close to the CBR250R, only smaller dimensions.

although the model sports, driving position changed somewhat. Dimensions are slightly wider than the old CBR 150. Then, the speedometer read easily as a digital combination indicator (pointer speed) and analog (tachometers). Then, the position of the fuel tank containing 13 liters, a little higher.

Another change, the fuel supply system is not disposable and are injection carburetor vacuum with pramable fuel injection system or the so-called popular Honda PGM-FI. Dengnan piston diameter of 63.5 mm and 47.2 mm step, New CBR 150R is a compression ratio of 11:1. Quite high, but written in the tank can be filled 91-octane gasoline.

Since it was put on PGM-FI technology, power feels very different. That is, the energy feels more jerky. Teeth I just reached 47 miles per hour when the needle spin machine is at 11 500 rpm. For gear II is the speed of 76 miles per hour.

When maneuvering, handling CBR 150R feels more solid. Therefore, applying the second wheel tire width, ie, 100/80-17 (front) and 130/70-17 (rear). About the price, can be asked directly to the Pro Bike at (021) 5303249. (Eka)
5:43 AM


CBR 150 R, which will strengthen the product line of Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the sports segment, will certainly muluncur this month. "So it is launched. The plan later this month," the source said AHM recently to The presence of CBR 150R line sports model will complement the previous Honda, namely CBR 250 R. Both motorcycle sport is expected to increase the attacking power in the sports segment Honda Yamaha controlled. Includes carry the New Mega Pro in a class to compete with 150 cc Yamaha duo, Mio and Byson. Only, for the price, the source is not willing to reveal. But an estimated USD 25-28 million.
5:40 AM

2008 Honda Supra x 125R - For Sale

Friday, July 8, 2011

2008 Honda Supra x 125R Photo Gallery

Honda Supra X 125R month 10 Black color + 30,000 + KM
Plat B (Tangerang)
Tax Term (Months 10 in 2011)
2013 vehicle registration
Complete all letter mail
Machine groomed conditions:
- Full standard
- Soft Machine
Engine oil: MOTUL
Smooth body condition of 80% + +
Besin Super (Shell)
Tire condition 90% FDR Genzi
- Home size 80/80
- Rear 90/80 size (There are still lines of tires)
Home Re-rear wheel paint super white (JDM Look)
High Intensity Discharge lamps Hi-Low 8000K 35watt (Lamp left) with electrick stabilitzer guaranteed ga pemaikaian come up short in a reasonable
dusk light LED (Nine)
LED brake lights (Michiba)
Right at lights off in.
Backrack Mororack2 for Honda wave (Limited, has more production ga)

Muffler body and a little beret as parking, berets still a bit broken right rear wajar.footsteep
Additional information:
Motor hand first, on behalf of his own father

Price Rp 10.000.000 Nego

For Contact :
Contact :
Aldo 083896017669 / 021 85438838
Pin : 214E4D82
5:33 AM

2007 Honda CBR - For Sale

2007 Honda CBR Photo Gallery

Honda CBR 2007 Month 4

Honda CBR 2007, in 4 colors Black KM + 13 000 +
Plat B (Tangerang)
Tax Term (Months 4 in 2011)
2012 vehicle registration
Complete all letter mail
Machine groomed conditions:
- Full standard
- Soft Machine
Engine oil: MOTUL
Smooth body condition of 85% + +
Besin Super Extra (Shell)
Tire condition 90% corsa S123
- Home size 100/70
- Rear 120/70 size

Muffler slightly scratched but not dented, the former falling kepleset slippery road as it passes slowly when already no longer the high-speed

Additional information:
Motor hand into two, first hand BPKB
Motor ex friend, can borrow ID cards

5:30 AM

2011 Kymco Xciting 500 Ri ABS

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Kymco Xciting 500 Ri ABS Photo Gallery
The engine of this motor is very high tech. the engine is Engine Type Liquid Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke and Displacement 498 cc that produce the speed and power. This engine is very heat resistant and it can endure when it is running very long. To manage the fuel consumption, it is completed with Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel Injection. This motor can run in all road conditions since the tires are 120/70-15 Front; 150/70-14 Rear. To make this motor easy to stop, this motor is completed with responsive brakes. They are Front Brakes Dual Vented Disks / Dual Piston Caliper / ABS and Rear Brakes Single Vented Disk/ Dual Piston Caliper. You can bring your things in this motor since this motor has Storage compartment Under Seat Compartment, Front Glove Box and Integrated Seat Cubby. The price of this motor is only $6,299 USD.
5:52 AM

2011 Benelli Velvet 125 - Technical Specs

2011 Benelli Velvet 125 Photo Gallery

The engine is 124,6 c.c. displacement that can run smoothly in high speed. This motor is ready to run for all road conditions since this motor has good and responsive suspensions. They are front suspension hydraulic telescopic fork ø33 mm and rear suspension floating engine with double hydraulic rear dumper that will minimize the vibration from the wheels. This motor is very safe and easy to control the speed since this motor has strong brakes. They are front brake steel disk ø241 mm with floating double piston caliper and rear brake steel disk ø220 mm caliper with two opposed pistons.

Benelli, brakes, bright lights, caliper, dumper, elegant design, front suspension, fuel consumption, hydraulic telescopic fork, long journey, overhead camshaft, piston, pistons, rear suspension, road conditions, stroke air, suspensions

This motor is designed for the men or women who like to travel using automatic system of motorcycle. This motor has good engine for journey and fast speed. This motor has elegant design and luggage to carry the things. This engine of this motor can be used for long journey and it is heat resistant. The type of this motor is Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled, 2 Valves, single overhead camshaft that is very economical in fuel consumption. This motor is also completed with bright lights and good electricity.
5:46 AM

2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Photo Gallery
This motor is easy to handle in every transmission. The transmission also makes this motor easy to manage the speed in curved and climb roads. This motor is also completed with modern suspensions to make this motor comfortable to ride in bad roads. The suspensions are Front suspension / wheel travel: 41 mm inverted Showa Big Piston fork with top-out springs, stepless compression and rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 4.7 in. and Rear suspension / wheel travel: Bottom-link Uni-Trak® with gas-charged shock, top-out spring and pillow ball upper mount, dual-range (high-/low-speed) stepless compression damping, 25-way adjustable rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 5.3 in. the price of this motor is only $10,699 USD.

To make the dream of riders come true, Kawasaki has created the real advanced motor sport. This is suitable for the rider who like riding in excessive speed. This motor has newest engine systems. The engine of this motor is Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four that is economical in fuel consumption and affable in environment. It has best fuel system that make this motor run smoothly without any obstacle. It is Fuel injection: DFI® with four 38mm Keihin throttle bodies, oval sub-throttles, two injectors per throttle body that can supply the fuel fluently. The other systems are Displacement: 599cc, Bore x stroke: 67.0 x 42.5mm, Compression ratio: 13.3:1, Ignition: TCBI with digital advance, Transmission: Six-speed.

8:17 PM

2011 Benelli Tre 899K

2011 Benelli Tre 899K Photo Gallery
as the provide that it can run fast, power battery 78 kW (104,6 cv) @ 10000 rpm, engine capacity is 4 lt, so font worry want empty in the middle of way , than the oil capacity ALIMENTAZIONE Iniezione electronically con tre corp Guallatiri ø53 mm, FUEL SUPPLY Electronic injection with three throttle bodies ø53 mm. 2011 Benelli Tre 899K build In line 3 cylinders, 4-stroke, liquid cooled , 4 valves per cylinder double
overhead camshaft, with balance shaft this performs make you satisfied in the way when you ride this motor, 898 c.c.

Benelli, buid, catalytic converter, double overhead camshaft, electronic injection, euro 3, exhaust system, fuel supply, line 3, max torque, oil capacity, olio, performa, power battery, rpm, sonda lambda, throttle bodies, wet sump

not clear if you didn’t try this motor your selves
8:12 PM
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