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Friday, July 8, 2011

2008 Honda Supra x 125R Photo Gallery

Honda Supra X 125R month 10 Black color + 30,000 + KM
Plat B (Tangerang)
Tax Term (Months 10 in 2011)
2013 vehicle registration
Complete all letter mail
Machine groomed conditions:
- Full standard
- Soft Machine
Engine oil: MOTUL
Smooth body condition of 80% + +
Besin Super (Shell)
Tire condition 90% FDR Genzi
- Home size 80/80
- Rear 90/80 size (There are still lines of tires)
Home Re-rear wheel paint super white (JDM Look)
High Intensity Discharge lamps Hi-Low 8000K 35watt (Lamp left) with electrick stabilitzer guaranteed ga pemaikaian come up short in a reasonable
dusk light LED (Nine)
LED brake lights (Michiba)
Right at lights off in.
Backrack Mororack2 for Honda wave (Limited, has more production ga)

Muffler body and a little beret as parking, berets still a bit broken right rear wajar.footsteep
Additional information:
Motor hand first, on behalf of his own father

Price Rp 10.000.000 Nego

For Contact :
Contact :
Aldo 083896017669 / 021 85438838
Pin : 214E4D82

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