2011 Vespa LX150 ie

Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Vespa LX150 ie Photo Gallery
The I.E. engine is more fuel efficient, dependable and requires less maintenance than carbureted scooters. after you know kinds of the feature you can imagine that on the engine is has good inovation too. LX150 ie The powerful 150cc engine allows you to take life at the speed you want. The 2011 Vespa LX150 lets you do an impressive 59 mph. just pay $4,599 USD you can having this motor and you can seem in grate mode.

2011 Vespa LX150 ie buld in new innovation and new style, it can be seen on the out of body, all feature construct in new design too, we can see as The LX 150 features an automatic twist-and-go transmission, steel body, and electric starter. A low center of gravity and larger front wheel provides control and agility, and an ergonomically designed seat allows for a comfortable ride. Brake with con.dence, with the LX’s advanced mixed-type braking system.

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