Gambar Honda Spacy 2011 - Specs dan Harga

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Honda Spacy - Photo Gallery

Procession at the launch of Honda spacy JIExpo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, yesterday (04/05/2011), immediately followed by the first session of the ride for journalists. Like what the character of the Honda scooter that is positioned head-to-head with rivals Yamaha Mio Soul is this?

Each journalist was given a chance to round the track three times. The opportunity was enough to know the basic character-engined 108 cc scooter is because the track complete with several obstacles. Starting from a straight line 200 meters up the road winding arrangement of scrap tires that are restricted.

It was a relief when sitting on the bike. Impression ergonomic feel with feet flat on the pavement slick. Dimensions 1841 x 660 x 1094 mm (length, width, and height) spacy quite ideal for the average posture of Indonesia. For riders with a high fat 178 cm and weighing 110 kg, for example, a sitting position and still feel comfortable because the space width footrest. Even when the road is straight, the elbow has not been in contact with the thigh, except when turning.

Fun, when traveling to the mall, market, or reception, the driver or passengers also do not have a headache thinking about where helmets save. Spacy enough trunk space to store the protective headgear. Selaini, the security system is still the same as any other Honda scooter. Machines do not want to live if the standard is still attached oblique (automatic stand switch).

"Spacy target segment is very different beat. If BEAT for consumers who want to start a motorcycle compact, then the spacy for families because its dimensions more easily. This corresponds to the philosophy of his name, spacy," explained Auddie Wiranata, AHM marketing director, told Compass. com.

Responsive and agile

When the engine 108 cc 4-stroke SOHC with a compression ratio of 9.2: 1 is turned on, the sound is rather subtle and not feel the vibration when stationary. Interestingly, the front lights (headlight) automatically illuminates when the machine is turned on (without shift key) because the automatic headlight feature on (Aho) according to traffic laws and regulations.

Turn the gas lever, the scooter that physical exertion PS 8.54 and 8.03 Nm of torque it was quite responsive. Even on the straight track 200 meters, the speedometer had penetrated 70 miles per hour. Another rider who weighs 68 kg admitted reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour on the track. When invited to the meandering path, spacy also feels easier to control.

This provision makes spacy suitable for use with both in urban stop and go driving style. Although brief, three-lap sessions provided AHM enough to give a positive first impression. Especially if you see the tag of being offered, Honda spacy starting price of Rp11, 75 million per unit (on the road in Jakarta) is enough potential to make this model!

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