Gambar Modifikasi Motor : Honda CBR 250 Modified CBR 600 and CBR 1000

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Honda CBR 250 Photo Gallery
F: Honda CBR 250 BumbleBee (Septian P/Okezone)

Looks sporty owned Honda CBR 250 does not seem quite satisfactory Raymond Suyanto as one of its users. Not thinking, he is familiarly called Raymond was immediately handed to the garage CBR 250 favorite New modifications Motor Sport (BMS) which are dibilangan West Jakarta.

The initial purpose of modifying the mount Raymond because he wanted to be different from the others. Therefore he changed a little wear on the body and legs moge (motorcycle) belongs to the CBR 600 and CBR 1000. "To look more and more moge spoty but still looked his CBR 250." Raymond said.

Inspired by one of the characters in the movie Transformer robot car that Bumblebee, the motor of this alert was immediately showered with 2011 bright yellow paint like a Chevrolet Camaro in the film. With a little touch of the graphics on the fairing and the body side walls make it looks more dynamic. "The color yellow was chosen because the color does not exist in Indonesia CBR 250, CBR 150 I take the color yellow from Thailand." he said.

BMS is known as a specialist legs straight moge overhauled legs Bumblebee. This can be seen from the shock front is wearing belongs CBR 1000. In order not to stiff while driving the sector's rear suspension uses CBR 600. The wheels were wearing CBR 600 belong to more nimble and aggressive handling.

Complementing the style that brought the sport exhaust tailpipe alias was changed. Exhaust standards were evicted and replaced with Carbon Akrapovic exhaust. In order to align the color on the body then the other components, such as adjustable foot step, engine cover and oil cap wear brand X-Race.

So far the man who was born October 13, 1977 was very satisfied with the changes that have been done on the motor of this favorite. "At the turn of the future just attach accessories like speedometer and robotic models let me step foot kayak Bumblebee." he hoped. Iron horse's appearance is now Chairman of the CBR Club is also featured heroic and character.

Motor: Honda CBR 250
Front headlight: Projector + angels seven demons eyes color
Frame sliders: X-Race
Engine Cover: LR X-Race
Racing Hand Grip: Kitaco
Single Seater: BMS
Mirror: Orion
Turn signal: LED
Jalu paddock: X-Race
Sparkbore front: CBR 1000
Footstep: X-Race cruiser
Cat: Spies Hacker Yellow Akkitisak
Oil cap bolts: X-Race
Bolt body: X-Race
Exhaust: Akrapovic Carbon
Upper triangular: CBR 1000
Future Shock: Up-side down CBR 1000 2010
Monoshock: CBR 600 2010
Swing Arm: 2010 CBR600
Stering damper: Ohlins
Front caliper: CBR 1000 2010
Rear caliper: CBR600 2010
Master front brake: Nissin ERF
Master brake blakang: Nissin
Disc brake hose: by HELL
Front wheels: CBR 600 3.5x17
CBR600 rear wheels 5.5x17
Tires Front: Mettzeler 12060-17
Rear tires: Mettzeler 18055-17
Ignition: Vortex Racing
Clip on cbr1000 vortex racing
Soft caliper adjuster: x-race

Modification Workshop: BaruMotor Sport (BMS) Jl. West Palmerah.
(Zwr) by:Septian Pamungkas - Okezone

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