2012 Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Terbaru

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2012 Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Pictures
2012 Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Terbaru

When I first saw this bike, fresh impression which directly recorded. Gloomy shadow streetfighter motor sport as the theme is lost. In addition, the motor 16 years old, really old enough. Here talent modifier to make the bike look attractive with the right choice in a variety of modifications.
For example, for the tail. Ninja-style display 250. "It's a new bike again diomongin lot. People and why I use the tail design ninja let people be tempted, for reasons hard to choose design.Of program, should be made that there is debris in the framework of the sector back." Spine dumped about 15 cm so that the tail can be made kawasaki ninja 250.
2012 Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Terbaru

All workmanship compute-fiber body. Starting from front to back. "Just to use a condom tank system, so the original is still inside,"

If the back of the Ninja, doi front instead of taking ideas from Ducati. "For the principle, if we can integrate a hodgepodge that will remain good," he replied diplomatically when confirmed about body changes. Another thing that is unique enough to confirm this to be a big bike, and then make some kind of deltabox that seems just a mere variation. "Uniquely created using aluminum plate though. Of course, though more polished impression is also easy to set up, dirty equipment An additional innovation for Kawasaki Athlete 125 head lights ..." With a design life of the lamp body is more fit athlete. In addition, new options and applications are not much.

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