Best Modifikasi Motor 1974 Honda C90 Z Ala Streetfighter

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1974 Honda C90 Z Photo Gallery
Best Modifikasi Motor 1974 Honda C90 Z Ala Streetfighter

Best Modified Motor 1974 Honda C90 Z Ala Streetfighter is the result of the modifier reliable claim that familiar with the styles of the latest modifications, this old motor baseball to be outdone by the view that the motor is now more crowded streetfighter flow (SF). "Because the old motor and SF style, detail the factors to consider, do not carelessly," said Jake, Pramana, owner of Jack's Garage outlets modif (JG) from this Purwokerto.

Jake plays smart indentation with an angle firmly so that the ideal form so look good as in the previous Honda Classic Four Sport 650. Examples on the design of the wing tank shroud or a wide and stuck to the bottom.

In the form of the Honda C90 Ala Streetfighter Z is more fun as well as connect deltabox same design. In this section, deliberately formed flat and slim. It means so that the foot rider to maneuver freely in tank while ngempit.

For the design of the rear body on Honda C90 Z Ala Streetfighter, wearing old school style and flow is different from the typical modif WJS who like tail stump. Jaka fixed applications sitter seat double staircase design.

"It's intentionally a Honda C90 model Z is Ala Streetfighter staircase. Because the tank is high, so contrived two layers so as not to cripple the middle and back of the As in other display Modification Reptiles," believes modifier that hung on Jl. Lensapura, Gang Mawar No. 19, Gulf, this Purwokerto.

Other applicable forms in the headlights. Capitalized Vega ZR front headlamp, the father of one daughter is making the front of the cute. The combination of fiber headlights wrap neatly played in accordance with the angle of taper body detail anyway. Hence Z Honda C90 Ala Streetfighter is disconnected in detail the composition.

Front tire: 120/70-17 Brigestone
Rear tire: 160/60-17 Swallow
Rims: Rossi
Headlights: Vega ZR
Back light: LED

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