Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB 100 Custom (For Sale)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honda CB 100 Custom Photo Gallery
Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB 100 Custom

Honda CB 100 Custom
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 123 456
Seller Location: Bali

best wishes as Indonesia kaskuser
ane ane sister bantuin here to sell HONDA CB 100 CUSTOM.
This is guaranteed to make motor-agan agan drool all.
moreover sister Ane was an expert in modifying HONDA CB

Following specifications:

A. engine
Block header tiger, tiger as crutches, a magnetic-spull tiger, tiger draft gear, double stater tiger, tiger carburetor, 5 speed gear box ratio, noken claim, the electrical system tiger (2010)
Modifikasi Honda CB 100 Custom

B. Legs
Front of the tiger 2010 Sok, sok daytona rear, alloy wheels japan TK 17x425; 17x300, tires brigstone BT92 17x140/60; 17x110/70, CB200 front drum, rear drum RX King, rear disc set satria fu, rubber front tomorrow cb200, CB100 arem (custom)

c. accesoris
Headlights HDstock, fat bar handlebar SSR (custom), reting good quality variation, taillights ori CB100, cb125 ori rear fender, tank reconditioning cb Wren, tiger holder, custom upholstery good material

for the price could go directly contact:
dr aditya Gita
0818554551 (via sms or phone)

less clear when the photos above and you are seriously interested, can just call the above number, photos sent directly to your email

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