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Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Photo Gallery
Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS) to give the nickname "Cronos Superbike" on Kawasaki Ninja 250 garapannya. Giving a name is not a haphazard, especially to perfect his work is considered as working on the bike belonged to Andre Wirahadi.

Cronos itself has its own meaning. "Approximately the youngest leader of the titan. Literally, it means the leader of the youngest among the strong. So, if the motor, the Ninja 250 is the best motorcycle in Indonesia, "said Budi always love the name of the motor after a track on the internet.

As for motor bikes dimaknakan identical with the fairing. Hence, the standard fairing is maintained. "However, the legs it is still not well built," explained the businessman Andre Muslim clothes in Pasar Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta it.

From there, Budi and then supplies the motor components from Italy. The choice, homemade Ducati 916 1998. Apart from rare, expensive. Front and rear wheels and the swing arm (swing arm) was moved to the Ninja. Incidentally, he said installation was not a lot of constraints.

Like the swing arm, although the width does not need to shift the front gear position. "Because it is straight, let alone chassis Ninja 250 has also been wide. So, there is no obstacle, "said Budi.

What's it from the Ducati 916? There's more! Handlebar picked from the Ducati Monster with special consideration. "Besides not stuck speedometer, easy installation of the ignition because the ignition key position Ducati 916 in the tank," said Budi which offers an abundance of waste moge.

Still from the Ducati Monster, Budi take flops in a component to the handlebars mounted upside down under the corners of the triangle so that the steering can be arranged, including a height adjustable handlebar up and down.

Meanwhile, for the upside down selected belongs Kawasaki ZX12 2007 production, along with the front fender. The reason, the rate freeze systems are already using radial calipers are more crowded in MotoGP, complete with carbon Tokico calipers are mounted on the left and right.

Specially selected for the master made Brembo radial piston had a diameter of 16 mm. This is believed to be more stable for braking. Cagiva Mito Compare with possession of just 12 mm, or a Ducati 916's are only 14 mm, while for the purposes of racing can be 19 mm.

Why do not all use a speedometer Ducati? Budi Satria Suzuki belongs instead to install the F-150. The reason, sensors spido pineapple-like teeth were mounted in the front wheel. Imagine, if it is picked from the Ducati 916 that the sensor in the engine such as Honda Kharisma. Perfectly. (Aong)

Front tire: 120/60x17 Battlax BT92
Rear tire: 190/50x17 Battlax BT92
Front disc: Disc Flower 320 x 2
Rear disc: Ducati 916 240 mm
Monosok: Ninja 250
Turn signal: BMW E48
Plate number: JMS
Carbon panels: JMS
Exhaust: Yoshimura
JMS: 0811-8393-91
Sources:Motor Plus

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