Gambar Modifikasi Motor : Yamaha RX King 2002 (Modif RoadRace)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yamaha RX King 2002 (modif roadrace)
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 8
Seller Location: Banten

Ane-ane, ane friend trying to help sell king-2002 (modif Road Race)

Description: It used circa 2003-2007 King is never absent for racing contest disekitaran DKI-JABAR.Pialapun already achieved a lot .. The king fell Standard Sport 135cc beginner class.
Time passed, until finally 2tak 135cc class sport is rarely / no longer diperlombakan, a short story of the king finally ngangur warehouse almost 2y.

The king finally returned kehabitanya ie "is used for daily", perombakanpun hinga the king can do seliweran road.

1. 2002 Black RX KING
2. Tax Life (an immediate temen ane) Month 9 DKI Jakbar
3. Boring YP + new head, orsinil Yamaha Os 50, standard.
4. DPN +-tank Spakbord new blakang, orsinil (King 2007)
5. Close / Box oil + side of the new battery, orsinil (King 2008)
6. Stang ninja, orsinil
7. Sok new front, orsinil (King 2008)
8. Honda vario grip handle, orsinil
9. ON-OFF Swit new, orsinil (King 2008)
10. Japan Silver Alloy Wheels Front TK tires wrapped around the ring 18 FDR (80%)
11. Rear wheels Japan TK 18 black rings wrapped around the tire FDR (100%) new
12. Bokokan exhaust, sound halusss tp garanggg
13. Headlights + new rear brakes, orsinil (King 2008)-morbidly attached
14. Turn signal variations
15. Bahel back there, not attached
16. New set of gear, orsinil
17. Halussss machine, pull lightly, fuel efficient

Should be the standard engine condition tp uda this king is always filled with fuel PERTAMAX
Tested to JKT-BDG, JKT-CIAMIS/Pangandaran no problem.
essentially, it is the motor uda Daily suits but still looks modif Road Race.

The position of the motor there ditangarang, Bintaro, BSD
Price: 8,5 jt (nego) course, ID cards can be borrowed
Hubs: 021 9363 1781

If not sold, the motor will be on display / treated aja.buat story to a child that the King is a lot of history, hehehehehe ...........

PIC followed, knowing temen ane lg working outside Java.

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