Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Byson Ala Ferari 2012

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2012 Yamaha Byson Modif Ferari
Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Byson Ala Ferari 2012

Yamaha Byson Ala Ferrari is a creation of a modifier that originated from the modification, which in turn applied to the motor modifications, for Dedet Apriansyah, the world's first car modification digelutinya than the motor. Therefore, when going to modify his Yamaha Byson, effect and taste modif four wheels had very strong influence. That is the benchmark in overall change.

According to his testimony, part of which became standard in Yamaha Byson Ferrari Ala. This stems from the exhaust. Nih unique story. "I purposely chose to use a car exhaust, even two. This makes the back of the bike looks full and solid," he said.

Based on the story, exhaust labeled HRS is his favorite of the first. But, when used in the car. "Proven fit well in the body Byson. Of course, other changes must be followed as in the appearance of Yamaha Byson 2012 Streetfighter in the Bolt-On another page," he added.

Because the rear looks great like that, when creating a body kit on the front he should be able to offset the rear sector. "Incidentally there are selling a package like this Byson body, the body kit is not made but bought so," he said. The reason is definitely because it makes the area behind the front should be able to compensate.

"Plus condom model tank like this that really makes Byson so gambot," he says. Condoms looks great because it also is equipped with turn signal on either side.

The front suspension must also be made large. No need to change tomorrow with the upside down, but he was mengcustom using pipes. She's supposed to, there are two benefits with this stance.

"The first will look thick because it is greater. While the latter can be made for double discnya holder," added resident Gatsu East region, the Denpasar.

Another thing that affected the world of four-wheel modified on alias pedestal seat bottoms. Dedet using a suture that was endemic in the community Denpasar car. "Formed boxes like a car seat. It is also made Ala Yamaha Byson more luxurious Ferrari so memorable," explained the length times the width.

Kejeliannya move the virus or to the motor trend car like this, then grow more insight Byson owners who want to modify. Thanks, Bro!

The next experiment attempted dedet in color selection. "I believe in Bali a new color of my bike like this," he said proudly.

Men who own a business in the field of plastics for the Bali and Lombok are using a red Yamaha Byson doff at Ala Ferrari. "Usually people are tempted to use color glossy screen, but desperate select like this so different," he said.

Creating a color like this is not difficult. First fixed using metallic paint as in the previous display Modified Eagle Super Kawasaki Ninja 250R. "My choice is a red Ferrari," he said.

After that just in the choice of lacquer wear matte varnish. "The use of matte colors will also cause a sturdy and strong impression on Yamaha Byson Ala Ferrari. If metallic is more impressed coquettish," he explained.

Front tire: 120/60-17 IRC
Rear tire: 150/60-17 Swallow
Caliper: KTC
Tank: Condoms
Body kit: Custom fiber

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