Modifikasi Honda CB 100, Retro Estetis

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honda CB 100 Retro Estetis
Modifikasi Honda CB 100, Retro Estetis

Skootamotam community through home modifications have 99 Custom features. The average wish to restore your customized bike in their golden years, the retro feel of the aesthetic. The more fit, motors are also selected according to its time. Toz wrote with Dimas Babbie, one life member who nyemplak CB retro sleek and nice views while riding.

"If longer ride, call aja Juki! This motor was named Bang Juki, "Dimas open. Uniquely, let the old school bike category, the speed is pretty 'fly'. "Yeah lah. CB 100 but the body may innards full Honda Tiger, "proud again. Pantes!

Problem body, Custom 99 and may be considered conceptually neat. For starters, baseball intends to completely change the spirit of the legendary CB. Part handlebars, Boele their colleagues who gets the task.

"Old school design with a central cross bullhorned corresponding motors of old," he explained. The design is made somewhat higher handlebars so riding comfort, anyway, so harmonious unison CB original lights continue to the original quasi-wrapped rubber and chrome fender around the legs.
Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB 100, Retro Estetis

Central to the rear would be synergy. Retro breath should not be far away from the standard formation CB 100. Began to tank, until the rear seat does not change the view. "Pretty neat play, the concept has been hit," he explained.
Memorable classy and elegant, 99 Custom kromisasi doing a lot of steps. "Combined color fitting, the concept would work," they said. To that end, they chose an alloy of yellow and black with yellow yellow candy specifications. Yellow as the dominant color, blend of black and outline white line as a sweetener.

Not forgetting the original symbol of Honda CB in the tank do not they lose to evoke the impression of NOS aka Now Old stock on this bike.

Supporting devices of course there are aesthetic in the legs. The more fit, they apply the white wall, both old school round robin 18-inch flower of Mizzle Trade. "The size of tires are distinguished. For use behind the front is 1.40 inches 1.60. 2.75 inch front rim and rear 300 inches, "they are more detailed. Finally, the exhaust megikuti bottle neck style is also made by the 99 Custom.

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Mizzle Tires & Araya 1.40 1.60 X18 & X18
Headlights: Original CB
Handlebar: Horned Bull, Boeloe
Exhaust: Custom 99 Bottle

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