Gambar Modifikasi Motor Supra X 125 - Road Race Moto Gp Style 2012

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Honda Supra X 125 Photo Gallery
Gambar Modifikasi Motor Supra X 125 - Road Race Moto Gp Style 2012

Modifikasi motor that applied to this Supra X 125 kontes with custom road race moto GP style bring new look of this Honda Supra X 125 appearance. You can see the wide wheels custom modifikasi velg tapak lebar Honda Supra X 125 that be the place of the big and wide tire. Then, you can also see the custom modifikasi cat motor balap with moto GP sticker, modifikasi knalpot racing that will be the main weapon of this Honda Supra X 125 modifikasi kontes.

Modifikasi motor Supra X 125 kontes road race moto GP style is designed to the owner of Supra X 125 standard with custom modifikasi bodi moto GP and road race. This modifikasi motor created with the blance sport motorcycle by choosing the best part and accessories custom motorcycle to be applied at the Honda Supra X 125 standard by using custom modifikasi motor style road race with moto GP modifikasi touch.

There is no doubt that as the Honda moped motercycle Supra X 125 provide the rider the best racing experience both the style, speed and handling. Here is the new style that offered by bengkel modifikasi motor with custom ide modifikasi motor terbaru 2011 by creating new style with custom modifikasi jok motor sport Supra X 125, then using monoshock modifikasi and swing arm modifikasi to Honda Supra X 125 standard front and rear suspension.

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