Modifikasi Motor 1988 Honda GL100, - Harley-Davidson Sportster

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1988 Honda GL100, - Harley-Davidson Sportster
Modifikasi Motor 1988 Honda GL100, - Harley-Davidson Sportster

Herry Motor workshop is famous as the place ngemodif skubek. Already many of his writings sakses champion in various contezt. This time apparently fronted garage Bambang Winarto wanted to also modify the variants other than skubek. The choice fell on the GL100 and reference leads to Harley-Davidson (HD).

"I want to display x-treme. Initially a lot of ideas but ultimately chose the display like a HD Sportster," said Bambang told the background of the work. It was also because he felt a lot more references so easy to try to start something new.

It's definitely a GL to be overhauled if it wanted to like this. "Just leaving the framework of the front of the tank and place holder for the handle the machine," said the man was 54 years. The back is definitely out dipapas.

"Frame behind the seat, leaving little for the seat," he added. Seat is unique because it is made of metal plate which is then chromated. It's interesting and baseball market.

Games verneckel chrome or layers like this are seen in some parts of the motor. "Because to make an impression this bike is more luxurious and modern. One of the earlier chrome wear jurusnya yes," continued the little man is.

Just look at the swing arm. Custom swing arm is also visible luxury. In addition to its shiny too because of its design. "Imitated the style of HD in Europe, many of which dicustom shape like this and make it not too difficult to prove," said the owner of the shop on Jl. Ciputat Raya No.. 15, South Jakarta.

Bambang made ​​using a pipe with a plate thickness of 1mm. "He's almost 2 inches in diameter pipe," he said again. The most distinctive characteristic of this design on a curved shape.
Modifikasi Motor 1988 Honda GL100, - Harley-Davidson Sportster

You could say all the things associated with shiny wheels and suspension. "Because it's for the body is made of contradictions. Given a touch of black and red again so clearly visible," she added.

Indeed, this homemade body is not too much. Just a tank and a bit on the engine cover. "The tank is made, instead of disposable waste Bahn old motorcycle," proud.

While at the bottom, a little machine with the cover closed minimalist. "Everything we make use of galvanized plate," solid. (

Front tire: 100/80-17 Nylogrip
Rear tire: 120/70-17 Battlax
Rims: Champ
Sok back: Jupiter MX
Airs next: Custom
Footstep: Custom
HM: (021) 96829778
Writer: Nurfil | Text Editor: Nurfil | Photo: Adib

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