2012 Honda New Tiger Full Modifikasi Touring Extreme

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Honda Tiger Full Modifikasi Touring
2012 Honda New Tiger Full Modifikasi Touring Extreme

Tiger Full Modified Touring
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 25 million
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta


WTS Honda Tiger Revo March 2008, Color Blue - Depok City / Touring Full modifications.

Description Motor:
- Tread Width Wheels / Tires DP-110, Ban BLKNG-130.
- Maxia Top Box 3 (E55) Italy & Box E41 Keyless side (Italy).
- Local Wingrack bracket.
- Local Windsield.
- Double Standard Muffler (Exhaust Muffler Sawangan dibobok in EDI - Depok, Sounds fine if the course of casual / noisy if its gas in betot).
- HT Antenna

2012 Honda New Tiger Full Modifikasi Touring Extreme

Accesoris lights & horn:
- Fog lamps DLAA.
- Modification of strobe lights.
- Led Lights at Spion + Plate number.
- Fog lights / Shoot.
- Siren / Toa.
- Hella horn Supertone.

The downside:
- Currently this motor does not have speedometers, because last year (2010) ever broken / ga spedonya so in the off road & not installed anymore.
- It never Rain Machine 1x (Date October 15, 2011).

Machine groomed condition, Motor Ready to use, Reason is sold "Additional costs for home renovation", the motor position is at:
Dormitory Jln.Belakang Cilodong Kostrad Division 1 - Depok.Untuk you are serious only, can contact my number: 081 323 833 326.

Please negotiable Gan / Sis, especially Rosa Afgan No, make that Hobby Pas touring motorcycle is really easy, ane can not jelasin with the words, please dirasain own gan (If you've purchased).

Bonus (Make that purchase motorcycles without negotiable):
- Double Visor Helmet Snail (white color, condition baret2 advised there was already 2.5 yrs pake)
- Bracket / tray Box E55 locally, (if that is ori nemplok dimotor it from GIVI).
- Alloy Wheels Ori (but ane search first in warehouse, because not long already unloading warehouse).

NB: Can TT with Honda Vario Techno CBS 2010/2011

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