Best Modifikasi Honda CB 223S, Japs Style

Friday, December 2, 2011

Honda CB 223S Japs Style Pictures

Japs Style, simple classical style typical motor modifications in Japan are loved in Indonesia. The surplus does look simple and very fun to drive in different road conditions.
But, because of lack of body components, the proportions so it should be really precise. Want to find inspiration modification? Please pelototin this Honda CB 223S. The motors are to this day still sold in Japan is a style of Japs Style.

Honda CB 223S, Japs Style Ala Pabrikan

Simple with a medium sized tank. Battery cover and air filter box is made simple, like CB 125 have not you? Cover body is ultimately successful feature of this simple machine and legs.

Special legs, CB 223S wear decent size gambot for 200cc motorcycles. 110/90 front tire wear, is being escorted back tires 130/80, both wear a diameter of 18 inches. Teleskopiknya front suspension is also quite large with a wide triangle.

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