Best Modifikasi Motor : 1979 Vespa Spartan

Monday, December 12, 2011

1979 Vespa Spartan Pictures
Best Modifikasi Motor : 1979 Vespa Spartan

Happy to travel abroad, "souvenir" of course they always carry. As performed Thamrin Tanujaya. Modifikasi Vespa Spartan 1979 owner of this output, the motor frequently Boyong variation of the country visited. The result, my friend see the semok capacity of 200 cc. Luxury nuanced racing. The process of hunting is not too far, only been to neighboring countries. "Malaysia and Singapore. I often went to the two countries. But, if Vespa Spartan, it was bought in Indonesia," said Thamrin, who also had a workshop on Jl Motor Antiq. Raya No. Ciracas. 27, East Jakarta.

Of the two neighboring countries, at least a few different things that come by. For example, this vespa Spartan nose. "It was brought from Singapore about 5-7 years ago, because the first in Indonesia there is no chrome plastic," the story of 63-year-old man was.
'm From Malaysia, bringing Thamrin body list. Starting from the front bumper, body kit down to the next list. Was taken from there, because this list has a red cat eyes. Being in Indonesia, more of us wear yellow.
Best Modifikasi Scooter : 1979 Vespa Spartan

Create fulfilled the nuances of racing, the handlebars are also changed! But, if the rate of motor control part is obtained from a friend. "He happened to England. Dibawain souvenirs go home," explains the man who had a 80 Vespa and dozens of other British motorcycles.

Tires: FKR 3.50 x10
Taillights: Variations
Exhaust: Malossi
Seat: Variations
Antiq Motor: (021) 870-5909


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