Best Modifikasi Motor : Ducati Cafe9 Modif Extreme 2012

Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Modifikasi Motor Ducati Cafe9 Pictures
Best Modifikasi Motor : Ducati Cafe9 Modif Extreme 2012

Many custom motorcycles are short because of his age trends inedible. However, what made ​​Robert Steffano is pretty durable according to some people. Ducati Motor is named Cafe9 and often well appreciated because it looks more than just different.

Steffano built on top of the Ducati 999 cafe racer motorcycles transformed into the 21st century. Considerable strength, 140 bhp with a torque of 80 ft-lb. Meanwhile, the chassis was overhauled and replaced with carbon fiber material that weighs about 9 pounds trimmed from the original.

Form the magic is in the ends of these motors, namely dibatok lights and windshield, as well as in the muffler. Fine motor shells that are not public. Windshield of his internal organs showed almost half the speedometer and the space above the headlights. Tubes were two, with a top-down arrangement.

Move to the rear, muffler also keep people guessing game. Because the part is not immediately easy to guess, except motor roaring and smoke out of there. With pipe indentation in the center almost 90 degree angle, a large exhaust tip dominate the stern. Exhaust it was even well into the stern of the motor body.
Sources: bikeexif

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