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Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Honda CBR 250 ABS Pictures
Best Modifikasi Motor Honda CBR 250 ABS

Honda CBR 250 ABS, silver 2011 bln 5 modif minimalist!
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. a
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta


"Honda CBR 250 ABS"

Honda CBR 250
metallic silver color
year 2011 month 5
ABS type (LBH expensive dr who certainly non ABS)
tubeless tires front
lampu2 flame of all, the normal electrical
kilometers 900an
modif conditions bbrp part BIKERS n NUI
surat2nya complete, vehicle registration, BPKB, invoices, spare kuni
tgl motorcycle use only, sdh + service oil change as well
complete all the original parts!

Best Modifikasi Motor Honda CBR 250 ABS

Spoiler for part2 modifnya:

Nui-cover engine (1.8 jt)
-bar end (170rb)
-bikers up front shock adjuster (485rb)
-bikers front sprocket cover (550rb)
oil filter plug-bikers (150rb)
-bikers swing arm axel seal cover (350rb)
bolt-centered bikers (150rb)
-bikers Clucths cable guide (180rb)
-bikers front brake reservoir cover (225rb)
ane mw selling the bike in 2 conditions
1.full modif like the photo above 44jt nego tp bs no afgan

2.full std 42jt nego ns jg tp no afgan yakkk

ane in jakbar location, if mw clay to tkp just bs lsg

yg mw for purchase through ato tanya2 can:
Posting in the let-
FAST RESPONSE lsg-gan SMS 081807263863
BB-pin by request

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