Gambar Modifikasi Motor : Yamaha Bison White

Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Modify Yamaha Bison White Pictures
Gambar Modifikasi Motor : Yamaha Bison White

His name is Asis Fandi Bro, Byonic Situbondo origin, in a written FBnya profile has been married to a woman, completed his education at SGPLB. Just like us, bro Fandi MotoGP addicts as well. Bro Fandi music enthusiasts are also a few bands and singers Indonesia.

His passion drove him to choose Yamaha motorcycle ride Byson as well as her identity. Not just buying, bro Fandi confirmed personalize it by selecting riding Len'T Automodified as a modifier of Byson whiteness.
Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Bison White

But Bro Fandi not give away to Len'T, idealism and design concept born of the thought and artistry that has. Combined with experience and competence Len'T Automidified Byson White was born with a more dynamic, elegant, as well as aggressive. Although the changes are extreme and do not even memorable minimalist but is able to provide a solution a few things that still felt less than perfect on a Yamaha Byson manufacturer standards.

For that all Bro Fandi willing to spend a number of Rp1, 7juta. Commensurate with the amount of satisfaction obtained. Also thanks to social interaction through fanpage Byonic results Fandi bro modifications made in collaboration with Len'T it'll be the reference for Byonic other modifications.

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