Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria F150 2005 - Racing Look

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Suzuki Satria F150 Racing Look Pictures
Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria F150 2005 - Racing Look

Modified Suzuki Satria F150 2005.tercatat already 3 times this motor replace the display, first I changed Modifications Suzuki Satria F150 2005 model trail, then replace streetfighter model and the latter is choose the style of racing look.ucap yanto main reason is familiarly called this han.rutinitas done because the task performed by this knight, for presenting an aura of Modified racing look of this 2005 Suzuki Satria f150 focus mengarap foot-kaki.saya sector make applications more robust through the rim and tire gembot.

The move was certainly accompanied by changes in the motor sector suspense Modifications Suzuki Satria F150 front 2005.sok I exchange a product variation model upside down and wrap my swingarm so impressed kekar.sementara fiberglass green motor body wrap chosen Modifications Suzuki Satria F150 2005 in order to follow the trend dijember again booming and its surroundings.
DATA MODIFICATION Suzuki Satria F150 2005
Front tire: Swallow 110/70-17 X-Worm, Rear tire: Swallow 120/70-17 X-Worm, Front rim: HMF 5th Dimension, the rear rim: HMF 5th Dimension, Sok front: Monsters, upside down, Swingram, modifier: Mega motor.Jl.letnan Suprapto 24 muddy.

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