Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio To Yamaha R6 Blue Glossy Body 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011

Modifications Yamaha Scorpio To Yamaha R6 Blue Glossy Body 2012
Yamaha Scorpio To Yamaha R6 Blue Glossy Body 2012

Here it is brothers yamaha scorpio which is cool, this modification of the model mimics the Yamaha R6. Yamaha R6 usually more frequent in contek by Yamaha Touring modifier. But this time it seems different than usual. Yamaha R6 this time falls on a yamaha ... "Because the motor is also sometimes used for touring really. So, look for practical aja if anything happens in the engine. Removable faster without the fairing. In addition, more simple for handling, "says the man who had workhshop BMX stands for Custom Shop Custom Modification of this X-treme. After all, all body parts used are made of fiberglass. Including the tank. Not a standard tank model alias fiber wrapped condoms. Because according Daeng, the tank will cause the condoms porous. Especially, in the connection plate and fiber.

Interestingly, men and Java Makassar bloody anti-cut framework is implemented in modified versions. It is seen from the sub frame. Scorpio order that round, only to be pressed in order to taper holder R6 rear body which is tapered.

"Once pressed, the rear frame is bent slightly upward. So, no one cut it, "the man who closed workshop on Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, No.. 99A, Cipinang Muara, East Jakarta. Steady Bro!

Front tire: 120/60-17 Battlax BT92
Rear tire: 150/60-17 Battlax BT92
Upside down: Suzuki GSX 1000
Arm swing: Suzuki GSX 1000


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