2012 Honda Vario 125 Injeksi - Specifications and Pictures

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Honda Vario 125 Injeksi Pictures
2012 Honda Vario 125 Injeksi

AP Honda Co.., Ltd., car manufacturers in Thailand, Honda will introduce a new skubek called Click 125i in January of this. As we know Click is another name for Vario generation in Indonesia.

Well, here it could be a form of Honda Vario 125 injection we've heard rumors of its release.

The design is similar Vario Techno who had already been circulated in Indonesia. But some body angle is made more dynamic with curved lines.

Transferred to the air filter box on the CVT to make luggage space under the seat widened. It may be that, in Indonesia will be adorned with helmet-In like Supra X 125 and spacy.

The engine is being brought skubek new 125cc engine which was developed with the concept of ESP. ESP stands for Enhanced, Smart and Power.
2012 Honda Vario 125 Injeksi

In Indonesia, known as Honda Clik Honda Vario and PT Astra Honda Motor - Honda car manufacturers in Indonesia - will introduce the 125i's scooter in the near future. Especially from the view, like Vario Techno Clik 125i. The difference, which is marketed in Thailand was to detail the front and side fairing with no vent (like fins) like Vario Techno today. Also, the color of the engine and air filters use a combination of silver-black.

For the Indonesian market, the design was different from Thailand. Most only a name, color, design and feature stripping. And signs of imminent launch because it was registered approved production and marketing in the Ministry of Industry since late 2011.

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