Best Modifikasi Motor : Honda CB 125 1976 Jap Style

Friday, January 20, 2012

1976 Honda CB 125 Modif Jap Style
Honda CB 125 1976 Jap Style

Thanks to a little touch of modifications to the Honda CB 125, the motor lansiran 1976 looks much better than his form when he first brought to the workshop to undergo surgery changes the body.
CB 125 is indeed a long time sitting in the courtyard of Nana's familiar sapa Aki. "Unfortunately if didiemin so ajah. Love ya let me touch a little CB plasticity cool, "said Nana. Jap Style choice taken to overhaul the 125 CB is to look younger than his real age.
Some parts of this bike has indeed been changed by the pinch part of the waste and mocin MOGE. The results of the spin with a mix of silver and black color, making the firm impression of the figure of CB is increasingly visible.
Machine Affairs, Nana just add a slightly larger capacity than the original. With a pinch some Tigi's innards, CB older are invited to make this pretty run. "Understandably was the original innards ama dah on the same old age, though not so bad really but if dipaksain pake original innards, definitely hard to be invited to run. Understandably an old man, "explained the man who is familiarly called Aki.

Turning to the legs, a pair of rim-owned Suzuki GSX Battlax chosen to sustain tire size 130/80-18 for the front wheels and 140/70-17 rear. To adjust the width of foundation wall of the tire so the tire did not touch the swing arm and front tomorrow, Bejing motor swing arm made ​​the choice to replace the swing arm belongs to CB. While the front mounted up side down with Thailand's master and caliper brakes Suzuki RGR. No lag behind quasi-owned Suzuki Satria 125 also contributed to complete the modification of CB 125.

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Jap Style
Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Jap Style
Best Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Jap Style

Data Modif Honda CB 125 1976 Specifications
Headlamp: Honca CB Wren
Tank: Custom SHMC
Alloy Wheels: Suzuki GSX 1000
Tires: Front 130/80-18 Rear Battlax Batlaxx 140/70-17
Sok Mono Rear: Suzuki Satria 125
Frame: Custom SHMC
Exhaust: After Market
Carburetor / CDI: CB 125 / BRT
Stang: Renthal
Workshop: One Heart Community Motor 021 97991179

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