Best Modifikasi Motor : Honda Mega Pro - Trail Bike Extreme 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Honda Mega Pro Modif Trail Bike Extreme Pictures - From a standard Honda MegaPro a less fashionalis the modification brings the total to trail bike. Order that is in use is owned by Yamaha YZF25, but the machine continue to use Honda engines megapro. In order to stick to the machine frame, the process is not easy. Must be made in order to adjust the seat brackets Mega Pro machine. There are two brackets that must be made, at the top and bottom frame. Both bind to the kitchen runway. This new engine brackets reshaped rely argon welding of aluminum because the material order.
Modification Honda Mega Pro by Caos Custom Bike

But it turns out to be gambot karbu application constraints. The back of the middle order got stuck. "Finally, baseball may dicoak middle bone, which yield the solution carburetor. Created a new intake line whose position is created out of the machine. Would muzzle karbu little inflection, "explained Lerri who still can plug air filters congenital YZF250. Adjusting the framework of the SE, to be sure the legs are also taken from the motor the same habitat. For quasi upside down and swing arm are also taken from copotan complete with monosoknya YZF250. "Create a drum and the rim, trust products labeled with the following disks Dock Edge," Medium body areas entirely new set also copotan YZF250 2007.
Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro Trail Bike Extreme
Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Trail Bike Extreme

Just to look supermoto, front fender mounted a shorter model. Use Polisport products combined with the front cover of the following lamps of the same product. For the coating powder coating process is different from ordinary painting. The material is a powder paint process penyeprotannya assisted by heating. "Hence, for this coating powder coating process to be colored the whole machine must be dismantled,"

HONDA MEGAPRO TRAIL - SuperMoto Specifications :
Front rim: TK 3.50 to 17
Rear rim: 4.25-17 TK
Handle the clutch: Zeta
Stop Lamp: DRC
Spontaneous gases: Daytona

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