Best Modifikasi Motor : SUZUKI SATRIA F 150 BORE UP 270cc

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Suzuki Satria F 150 270cc BORE UP
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 123 456 789
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta



Best Modifikasi Motor : SUZUKI SATRIA F 150 BORE UP 270cc. I want to sell motor Satria Fu mainstay I bore up ya
Reason selling, I would like pensi of the speed mania
Your principal residence is the bike gaspoll
can certainly make the wild wild
because I have experienced in the wild
I want to love ya spied a little specification

1. piston scorpio
2. valve thunder
3. tire hut (2 times pake new race)
4. finger finger wheel (brand champ)
5. exhaust (homemade of course setting up full bore)
6. handlebar clamp
7. stroke up (if ga gan one 1.5 cm)
8. 32mm carburetor
9. CDI Rextor adjustable
10. the others are still many who do not sebutin gan gan

so its total cc 270 cc approximately
if there are questions
mail letter? Detailed Quote BPKB vehicle registration (only to die a year only)
gan his motor accomplishments? Indonesia ranks 12th time in Sentul a drag race november 2009
pictnya gan? ga there?
God willing I upload tomorrow gan
allowed in the test gan? why should you if you intent gan

Quote for the picture:
This time the picture in the paddock Sentul race Darg

his blue motorcycle gan

for price::
open price 13 million silver gan! ? (nego course)
agan interest? sms / call 087871884491

agan thank you all
I wait for the response gentlemen agan
hopefully motors sold ane (amiien)

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