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Monday, April 9, 2012

Yamaha Scorpio Jap Style Retro Pictures

Deus Bali, specialists custom motorcycle maker, shows a stylish motorcycle modification Jap Style is good. Yamaha Scorpio-based, retro shades motor modifications can be seen on the website Deus Bali since Wednesday (11 / 1) then.
In the article on the website mentioned, black berkelir motor was built for a friend who lives in Jakarta. Motor that was scheduled to be shipped to the capital city of Bali.
Deus Bali admitted building the motor from the base of Scorpio. However, only the engine and chassis in use. While all components of the pretelan left unused.
According to the workshop is located at number Cangu, Kuta, Bali is the engine and frame Scorpio needs to be combined with the choice of components and spare parts are imported in order to look attractive.

Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Modifikasi Jap Style Retro
Yamaha Scorpio Modifikasi Jap Style Retro 2012

Call it, handlebars street tracker alerts Ventura model. Through these handlebars "Mustang" look more handsome and a little breathing hot rod. Moreover Avon-profile tires come mounted fat. Interestingly, the size of the tire is distinguished. To the front of the diameter of 19 inches, while the rear 18 inches.
Deus Bali also claimed to have made ​​their own gas tank and exhaust design alloy wheels ringed. As is known, a company based in Australia is indeed an expert to make a tank retro affair. Even the leather bench is recognized as an artificial hand.
Meanwhile, in order to increase the value of classical, GSX250 swingarm at the rear wheel is associated with shock alerts ICONS 36 cm. Headlights appear exclusively because menyomot owned Harley-Davidson.Source:© 2012, Majalah Otomotif Online by.

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