Yamaha Scorpio-Z Best Modifikasi Motor Honda CB Jap’s style

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yamaha Scorpio-Z Modif Honda CB Jap’s style
Yamaha Scorpio-Z Best Modifikasi Motor Honda CB Jap’s style

Go to Scorpio. For working processes, there is little significant difference even more towards staining. If more calm before the blue and white, many clients now ask for a little contrived ngejreng.

Once completed take care of the body and frame are made with a nasty concept bobber, he immediately orders the vent candytone Dupont color orange. Not only to the frame and body, the tank was also hit it a touch of color ngejreng rada.

It looks Scorpio-Z looks more classy, but still calm and dynamic with a touch of black on the left-right box. So is the color on the model inverted rim, aka rim diameter and rim in front of a small ring on the back that are characteristic of the flow Nasty.

Then the Swallow 120/80-18 front tire and rear tire size 150/70-17 gambot Michellin brand. Life sweetened a little touch of stop lights nuanced variation on the classic rear fender minimlis select models.
Yamaha Scorpio-Z - Honda CB Jap’s style

Best Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio-Z - Honda CB Jap’s style : There are different when we see these mounts compared with the original look of Yamaha Scorpio-Z. Look at the stern side, especially in the foot-kak. At the drastic changes that happen Ilham conducted in order to pursue the taste of classic motorcycles.

"I conjure component of shock absorbers that are Bawan monosok model factory, a double tomorrow. Wonder why not? The purpose is other than to follow the original concept of modification, is also made ​​more so more comfortable, "definitely Ilham.

Hence, the swing arm model waste copotan round rods of motor sport, entrusted to petrify create a stable damping rear shock that carries a double quasi-YSS. But forcing holder swinging arm as modified, as well as quasi double rod holders behind in order.source:http://motorplus.otomotifnet.com

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