Modifikasi Motor Honda Terbaru 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Modifikasi Motor Honda Terbaru 2012 From ancient times, our grandfather was fluent pronouncing "HONDA", if you ever mess around the village, and still not found many people refer to the motor with the name: HONDA. My obsession with hell Honda tipis2 San, creating a strong motor, so if anyone would call fast motor Swega called RAT, recurrent lebay ... hahaha ... hauhauhau ...

Modifikasi Motor Honda Terbaru 2012 This time, we discuss the C series honda engine, since the model Astrea star, excellent, grand, supra, supra x, xx supra, Honda Legend, Legend 2, supra fit, fit new supra, to the generation of revolutionary talaga REVOLUTIONARY-body-Honda REVO all adopt the same machine. So you-you user Revo motor, an adult, because of what? Because, although you look younger, but your soul is full of ups and downs of life make you mature inwardly, LHA piye despite new models, cool, ngganteng, tuo machine lan ... Kudu katrok cah me cry, feel useless event im Trying so hard to defense myself, but the reality is still hurt. Why buy cooed Ms. SPG persuaded to buy honda revo pretty hiks hiks hiks ... T_T

Modified Honda C engine series, there is some restriction: first, the bolt spacing is too narrow so that the bore cropping up was limited, both ported muzzle design that is too large, and smaller in the deep, rich dangdut widened again ... dear boy, was it wrote do not revile banyak2 motor, it can not make yourself so loh ... can not shirk sign huahuahua Importantly how do we change the deficiency, a kelebiha, that's creativity.

Modification steps can be done is Headwork: At intake porting is quite polished by rubbing coarse paper, aja pake hand rub as a cool-calm, patient, if most people fear the greatness and ngempos. Remember porting velocity calculation, it is important iku le! Then fix the camshaft, cam supra to be cleared Kohar 1mm, with acceleration and deceleration ramp design: Exhaust -> Quick opening - Slow Closing, Intake -> Slow opening, Quick Closing. If ya want wuenak made aja 7mm lobe lift up the boss, tuh Manteb, count yourself how many mm kudu Papas ... hehehe ...

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda Terbaru 2012 For the liner: Maximum oversized with oversized piston jupiter z 1.00, if instead of a disposable liner can enter kaze kaze oversized piston 200, or want to use the blitz joy piston with a diameter of 56mm can. To stage this modification needs to be done lathe crankcase hole, so the choice of a sip turner must be the primary target. Until this modification can be maximized with a capacity of 121.9 cc engine, the combustor dome compression standard can be pursued up to 10.9: 1 alias pertamax steady wear.

Crankshaft can be modified, 4mm stroke increase the capacity of the machine has been pretty helpful, but be careful there are areas that will be hit by the oil pump connecting rod, so that the connecting rod must turner little to no nyampluki ngendi-ngendi (though not hit everywhere so loggg) Here modifications to steady up to 131.7 cc, and a compression ratio of steady to 11.89: 1, not bad for a start filled with Avgas or pertamax plus. Oiya, to Honda Legend to Revo, the piston can take advantage of a Grand, with a length that is more concise than to pursue a high piston velocity, as well as to deceive the opponent because of increased stroke engine would not ketara hehehe ... so secret lohhh want to know wrote ...

To modify other sectors could be developed through research, the main lock on cylider head and block ... do not forget after the modification and camshaft bore up, recalculate the exhaust yes skipper ... Good luck!

Stay Healthy, Stay spirit, let me be modifications to the machine every day

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