Modifikasi Binter Merzy, 1983 Café Racer

Monday, April 2, 2012

Modifikasi Binter Merzy 1983 Café Racer. Berto Binter owner Merzy 1983 include a bona fide biker blood Modifikasi Binter Merzy, 1983 Café Racer. Father, motorcycle riders ride through Birmingham Small Arms in the range of 1960 to the mid 70's. "It was the flagship number, 9," open the door.

Interestingly, doi so riders do not follow, but more concerned about the aesthetics of the motor. Capital through KZ 200 Binter Merzy alias, he wanted to perpetuate the memory of this father.

Options for Modifikasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy, 1983 Café Racer arguably appropriate. Basically this bike is classified as a classic, born between 1980-1985. The engine is pretty big, embracing conventional chassis design, a single down tube and two quasi-conventional.

Classic handlebars from Suzuki, the same size tires, deliberately selected a meeting between the front tire and the bottom T. The story Gambar Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Binter Merzy 1983 Café Racer Terbaru 2012 began when she chooses customized Moh. Rifai from 52 Custom Tengerang. He believes Rifai alias Pe'I her mind could accomplish this. "My assessment, including the owner he's slick, and stylish detail. He gave direction to the design of the café racer worked seriously, "said Pe'l.

Modifikasi Binter Merzy 1983 Café Racer

The chassis is only slightly rombakan. "Rake changed baseball and the tail are modified," explained the original builder knots, Tangerang.

Formed the basis of this, 52 Custom play in support devices. Start the front first, classic style handlebars life taken from Suzuki Thunder 125 cc. Approached the mustang style tank made by home modifications.

Modifikasi Binter Merzy Café Racer "Café Racer style and we should be solid muscle," said the buider. So they are confident to take the ass that was the big Byson and again selected ngetrend the Customizer.

Further back, this baseball-style street sport seat design requires complex. Just flush with the center bone is left untouched baseball. For business, the 52 Custom Custom Cown helped create a classic style flat track 60's.

"From there they are a less visible form, the bottom, the exhaust is designed to simple and grooved baseball a lot," said Pei again. Consideration because the simplicity of this style tail made hornet slim and simple theme.

To be more ritually pure, choice of tires should also not interfere with sport classic aroma. Selected major and lingkarnya feels right.

Modifikasi Binter Merzy, 1983 Café Racer. Comments and stylish details of the builder on ownernya is evident. Matters such as paint, the owner holds full command. Design and color number 9 retrto direct sport designed Berto.

On the other hand, the innards of the engine is also fresh. In addition to wearing underwear part original new old stock, the machine also has a natural bore up to 250 cc.

"Carburetor also not wear Merzy standards, but have replaced the venturi 28 mm," explains them both. Nice bikes!

Data Modifikasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy KZ200 Café Racer
Tires: 120/80-17 Swallow
Exhaust: Custom
Carburetor: Keihin PE 28

To satisfy the loyal visitors of this blog I also presented a collection of Modifikasi Binter Merzy Jap Style and with the theme of different modifications.

For my last post that has been presented as a Modifikasi Binter Merzy my love on this bike, hopefully with the presence of this blog we can add insight into the world of modified and classic motorcycles.

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