Modifikasi Honda Beat Sport Terbaru

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modifikasi Honda Beat Sport Terbaru - Brought a new custom, 2012 Modifikasi Honda Beat Sport, this is the details of Honda motorcycles in which you can use this to apply to the Honda beat you. The first time the motor is converted to the paint color pink then this Honda beat modifications tailored to the wide racing wheels and chrome. For you lovers in particular Honda Motor Scooter Matic, Foto Modifikasi Honda Beat, Under This You Can See Results From Modification Color Trends Trends In Honda BEAT

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Beat Terbaru 2012. Change in x-treme keeps some unique story. Starting from the selection of primary material used. "Using the plumbing. Utu lho commonly used taps," Hanif sure of Hans Custom House (HC) as the builder. Modifikasi Honda Beat. The selected pipe taken from a variety of sizes. "Starting from 2.5 inches to big," added Hans, greeting familiar Hanif. With crude equipment, Hans and success can bend and shape it with a neat pipe.

"Deliberately choose plumbing as well-known strong, but it is also well-known species is resistant to rust," said the young man was 23 years old. So based on the calculation is easier in the treatment also did not bother to face the invasion of rust.

Modifikasi Honda Beat The position of the engine and the CVT is now placed in position under the seat tightly. "Of course all the new engine cradle made​​, none of the remaining old order," added the owner of the garage in Baranang Siang, Bogor it.

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Idly browsing the internet and blog posts from loyal visitors Latest Modifikasi Honda Beat Sport Terbaru is here a lot of modifications to the motor beat, honda beat is now becoming a trend among young people in the modification of a modification of the world loves. The prestige of honda beat up right now, and seems to be less so yamaha mio sekrang favorites. Lengthy and unnecessary I'll provide some Modifikasi Motor Honda Beat that might provide inspiration to all of you lovers Modifikasi Honda Beat

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