Modifikasi Honda C50 Pispot

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Modifikasi Honda C50 Pispot. Retro bike in Indonesia continues to plague. Unexpectedly, it's a classic motorcycle sales continue to skyrocket. No wonder the motor manufacturers competing issuing this type of motor variant. Honda Scoopy begin with, then the official launch Yamaha Mio Fino two weeks ago. An
d reportedly, Suzuki has also set up a retro bike will also be marketed in this 2012. His photographs have been circulating widely on the Internet.

But, Modifikasi Honda C50 Pispot if the note of all the motor manufacturers, issued a variant of the classic retro has one thing in common. Ie, both use the automatic skubek-based motors that. No one was launched based retro duck.

It currently leads the automatic sale. However, new automatic boom three years. Previously, all motorcycle manufacturers rely on as the backbone of the sale. Honda Astrea and line up with the Supra, the Jupiter Series Yamaha and Suzuki and Kawasaki with the Shogun Kaze had triumphed together.

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda C50 Pispot Terbaru 2012 In addition, the motorcycle market is still huge. Bicycle Moto Data Industry Association of Indonesia (AISI) in January 2012 a total of 658 688 units penjulan motors. Duck market in number 292 197 units or 42.61% of the total market. Was automatic sales lead with 339 393 units or 49.50%. That is, different markets and ducks matic to within 7% only.

With this data, it should be retro duck market is still very possible tilled. Moreover, some manufacturers already have a line up of this product. It's just not go to Indonesia. Honda for example. Honda C50 Pispot has also been the adoption of the injection system.

"The market is still a big motorcycle. But tended to decrease. Instead matic getting bigger. That's what makes us dare to issue a motor with retro segement. To remove the retro duck, it is still very risky, "said Augustine Indraputra, GM Marketing Planning & Analysis, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM).

When AHM actually bring Scoopy is not without risk. Because, when it's all automatic motorcycle racing for the automatic advanced and futuristic. Uh Honda actually present retro. "But the risk is decreasing as we make the research, that the market in the segment can be worked out," added the man with the mustache is.

Yamaha, known for aggressive signals are also still not appeared. It must be admitted to take risks include Yamaha Nouvo and Mio while other manufacturers are busy working on the motorcycle.

"Personally, I like the retro duck. But, speaking market, Yamaha has not occurred to play in that segment until the end of 2012. But, all things must change and it can happen. All depends on the market, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Marketing and Promotion appears logical PT Yamaha Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). Who dare to go first?

Modifikasi Honda C50 Pispot Retro Motor sport booms
In Japan sono, retro kind of motor sport more than any automatic boom. Almost all motor manufacturers working on this segment. Especially in the 250cc engine class.

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