Modifikasi Honda CB 100

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Modifikasi Honda CB 100 - Gallery Foto Honda CB first entered Indonesia in 1971 with Honda CB 100 K1 code. Then, the sole agent (ATPM) Honda motorcycle was named PT. Federal Motor. Besides the CB 100 is produced is also a type with a capacity greater enjin the 125cc, 175cc, and 200 cc.Khusus for 175cc and 200cc type has better performance due to wear double cylinder. However, the CB100 is more popular in Indonesia because they were cheaper and the maintenance is easy.
Foto Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 100 series is the pioneer of motor sport with a 4 stroke engine types. Economical but powerful. While other brands are still playing with type 2 tak.Toh enjin, visionary and futurist management of PT. Federal Motor at the time, proved not to be king benar.4 today. Because it dominates the sale of the entire ATPM.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB 100 Terbaru 2012. In the past decade (1971-1981) the total sales of Honda CB in the country reached 600 thousand units. When averaged, the annual sales in the range of 60 thousand unit.Di time, the current dominator lokal.Hingga motors, such as alerts older Honda motorcycles has always been an exciting game. What's more original flow.
In areas Nganjuk, East Java, in fact there is an opinion: Do not claim if the person has not had a Modifikasi Honda CB 100 Nganjuk.

Below are a collection of photographs and drawings Modifikasi Honda CB 100, 125, 175 and 200 Twins :

Modifikasi Honda CB 100 - Other modifications to the theme you can see the menu below :

Old bike is now on the rise. Besides the cheap price is also good for a modified because it can be transplanted HONDA CB 100 generation engine components such as GL 100, GL PRO, TIGER can swallow other motor components semisan SHOCK Home RX-KING etc..

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