Modifikasi Honda CB 125

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Modifikasi Honda CB 125 - Modifikasi Honda CB 125 Model BSA S27. Limitations of delivery of creativity! The result, inviting a sense of awe. That's what the workshop Puspa Kediri Custom Chopper with 2 square meters of building works "juggle" Alert 1980 Honda CB125 appearance changed to BSA 1927 introduction of the S27 output. Number of workshops to be in Jati Makmur, Pondok Gede former, this diarsiteki by Aya and Aris, originally just to serve the lathe and welding. In fact, even a motorcycle repair shop modifications antique lovers, especially for owners of Honda CB or Kawasaki Binter Merzy.

Modifikasi Honda CB 125. Examples of work that has been generated is Honda's CB125 Udivisianto or Udi is. Now, Japan's motorcycle-style appearance has changed the style of the BSA Board Tracker introduction of the S27. "I really like the old school styles, particularly the board tracker, motorcycle racing in the days of old," said Udi who claims to be a new motorhome 3 years belakangan.Untuk it, jJarak axle (wheelbase) is extended by copying BMW.

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Terbaru. With such a radical modification, it looks old school iron horse klasik.Pasalnya, the handlebars fold down, the front cangkrang, sturdy frame, tank, fender, engine, to Springer at the seat functioned to reduce the shock at this time ridden Honda CB.

The heart of the old Honda was also restored to its power is not sluggish. Block and cylinder head was replaced with a Honda Tiger. Just down the block is maintained. Suppliers and mixing air and fuel or carburetor is also taken from the Tiger. While the primary and secondary teeth, picked from Honda Mega Pro. Modifikasi Honda CB 125 To reinforce the classical figure, the engine mounted fuel filter shaped glass container herbs.

On the road or wheel mejejak, Udi put 18 inch rims in front and rear tires wrapped in front of the Swallow 350 and 400 in the rear. "Wheel it must be like to fit the concept. Modifikasi Honda CB 125 My tires were deliberately selected because of the shape and growth modification in accordance with the concept, "said Udi.

Dibawah ini Merupakan Kumpulan Foto Modifikasi Honda CB 125 terbaru :

Then select the reason for the red and white, dikemukan two reasons. "First, the appropriate vehicle registration for the color red. Secondly, the red represents energy and facility,, softness," said Udi.

To change the appearance of this old school CB125 into a classic British motorcycle, Udi claims cost $ 30 million for 2 months. "But happy!" the lid!

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