Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 - See you again with modif lovers, Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 2012 this time I'll post a picture Street Fighter that recently a new trend in the automotive world. The owner of Modifikasi Thunder 125 this bike used to be called bro Kadex from Balikpapan city.

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 125 2012. But homeowners Garazi Custom modifications Yogyakarta is known as a specialist custom fiber. Predictable that 100% of full fiber glass body. It means supporting devices such as front-rear fender, tank, wing, engine cover back up to the stern, everything can be made. Simply adjust the flow Gambar Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 125 Terbaru 2012 .

"Most look at all the manufacturing and installation of the fairing on the bottom of the tank. The futuristic shape mounted knock down starting from the bottom side of the tank to the engine. All the setup as if fused between the right and left, "said Bali's original Kadex.

Changes in the body also occurs in the stern. Starting from Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 125 the side cover to the back of the lamp holder changed. Can be seen from the front to the back seat of a structured story. And there certainly reshuffle the composition of the framework behind it.

Apart from that looted the body, Suzuki Thunder 125 the legs are also addressed. "Like the swing arm custom application of iron plates. Monosok also have the famous R120 Suzuki Satria inexpensive yet powerful, "he added.

While the color black was chosen gliter combined dark orange in the seat and rim. "Although now seemingly macho, but all the safety devices function properly so fun to Turing," lid good men chisel the statue. (

Front tire: 90/80-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 120/70-17 Swallow
Handlebars: Racing
Exhaust: Nobi
Custom Garazi: 0812-2701-7055

In the previous post I have presented Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete to the theme of Supermoto, the model type is also more popular with young people on lovers Gambar Modifikasi Motor Terbaru

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