Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968. Honda introduced the 350 scrambler with this single 8.5 x 11" color page in 1968. This pre-production brochure was prepared using a prototype aided by an artist and airbrush (note Honda's qualifier "All specifications subject to change without notice" at bottom). Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 350 Twin 1968 In fact, there were several changes between this image and the export USA production run.

1968 Honda CB350 Super Hawk. Instead of black finish, as shown, the headlight brackets (at top of forks) were painted to match the color portion of the tank. A different front fender, lacking braces but with a sharp cut front edge as shown, was used. The point cover on production models was embossed to read "TYPE-1", and the 350 emblems on the air cleaner covers were fabricated of enameled metal, with only the numerals "350" (the brochure shows an applied emblem, perhaps just a painting, with a small encircled Honda wing). Although the brochure below shows two separate chromed exhaust pipes exiting the muffler, the production models had two unplated exhaust pipes enclosed in a single chromed surround. The production CL350K0 also had both a center stand and a silver-painted side stand Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968.

Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968 For Sale

Honda CB 350 Twin 1968
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 35 million
Seller Location: Yogyakarta

Restoration re-Honda CB350 Super Hawk 1968 (the tank is Honda Dream, because no type CB350 Super Sport CB125 Twin tank model).

The original form of motorcycle-like black and white photographs with Japanese writing
Conditions such as photo-tank cap chrom ... there is (intentionally not installed).

wear tiger-revo headlights and taillights wear Kawasaki G3, cap accu (tepong) handmade, electrical life of all, not a powerful electric starter
Because of the lack of lift dynamo, engine stop functioning.

-Type is very rare ... the motor vehicle registration and use CB200 BPKB 75 th, tax life
price fits really!

Sorry, you should contact if you really serious to 085228210182 (because the information is clear)

Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin

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